10 hectare gold mine and mining services pledged for young people with disabilities

10 hectare gold mine and mining services pledged for young people with disabilities

By Ndanatsiwa Tagwireyi

Zim Mining Consultancy has pledged to avail a 10-hectare gold mine for young people with disabilities at Danhiko Project, while other mining players have promised to provide mining related support to the beneficiaries.

This came to light at the inaugural Young Miners with Disabilities Day held at Danhiko Project Premises on 24 June 2022. Zim Mining Consultancy was established in 2020 with the purpose of revitalizing Zimbabwe’s mining sector. It has since expanded its key focus areas to include mine pegging, beacon installation Environmental Impact Assessment, Environmental Management Agency consultancy, exploration, geophysics, mining operations services, timbering, high gear levers and construction of mills.

Speaking to the Mining Vision Magazine on the sidelines of the event, Zim Mining Consultancy Director Nyasha Magadhi said the gold mine is in Mashonaland Central region and his gesture will enable young passionate miners at Danhiko to venture into a mining project. His standpoint is that Zimbabwe is endowed with various resources which must be leveraged on by local people including those with disabilities.

“Zimbabwe has about 15% of people with disabilities and very few of them are into mining; they might be passionate about mining but financial constraints and other reasons limit them,” Magadhi told the Mining Vision Magazine citing that: “I saw it as an only way that I can empower them to join mining.”

Magadhi told this publication that he expects the young miners to start their project soon as various organizations including Young Miners Foundation (YMF), Empower Bank, Performance Laboratory and others will be offering their services. Zim Mining Consultancy will also assist with the Environmental Impact Assessment involving induced polarization and magnetic survey to identify target areas of gold.

YMF Chief Executive Officer Payne Farai Kupfuwa confirmed the development to the Mining Vision Magazine and cited that the day was successful as plans to set up a mining project for the Young Miners with Disability Unit are already in motion.

“Zim Mining Consultancy Director Nyasha Magadhi donated a 10ha gold mine to the Young Miners with Disability Unit, the Managing Director of Performance Laboratories Kiran Desai pledged to do 100 samples for that mine for free and Footprint Mining and Milling Pvt Ltd Director Mr Tsoka will assist with expertise and knowledge to run the mining project professionally,” Kupfuwa exclusively revealed.

“YMF will set up the administration structure of the mining company and also assist in the financing of the project as we look forward to see this project grow into a medium scale enterprise,”

Kupfuwa also thanked the CEO of Elevate Trust Sicelo Dube for highlighting the importance of innovation to enable the effective takeoff of the Young Miners with Disability Unit project and also her organization’s pledge to assist beneficiaries. He also expressed gratitude to all partners who graced the Young Miners with Disability Day including Empower Bank, ZB Bank, environmental management consultants and other high-level officials.


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