Dinson Iron and Steel Company to create 6000 jobs, thousands of downstream industries: Kambamura

Dinson Iron and Steel Company to create 6000 jobs, thousands of downstream industries: Kambamura

By Ndanatsiwa Tagwireyi

Dinson Iron and Steel Company, which is currently establishing a Carbon Steel Plant in the Manhize area of Mashonaland East Province will create 6000 jobs, thousands of downstream industries and a new town of about 30 000 residents, Deputy Minister of Mines and Mining Development Polite Kambamura has revealed.

This came to light when he was addressing delegates comprising of foreign speakers, Zimbabwean diasporans, foundry companies, metal casters, value addition and beneficiation experts, economists, financiers and others at the 2-day Metal Casting and Engineering Summit held on 17-18 March 2022 in Harare. The summit, which was organized by the Zimbabwe Institute of Foundries was held at the Harare Institute of Technology under the theme, ‘Championing Beneficiation of Metals, Transforming the Foundry Industry.’

“The company recently completed the foundation for the Steel Plant and construction of accommodation and offices, “Kambamura said citing that: “This certainly comes as a game changer to the local Iron and Steel Industry and the Metal Casting Industry since the latter will have abundant raw materials produced from the Steel Plant.”

Although the Deputy Minister indicated that the government has found an investor for ZISCO Steel, he implored Foundry Industry Players to take an active role in mining feedstock for their small furnaces and not only depend on scrap recycling and ZISCO Steel. According to Kambamura, this will aid in addressing some of the challenges bedeviling the metal casting industry in Zimbabwe

“I am informed that the Metal Casting Industry faces significant challenges of raw materials such as pig iron, silica, coke, bentonite, limestone, ferrochrome and manganese,” he said. “This has been compounded since the closure of ZISCO Steel which produced huge quantities of pig/crude iron, chief among the other raw materials.”

Speaking at the same occasion, the Minister of Finance and Economic Development Professor Mthuli Ncube said the government is fully aware of the need to reindustrialize and unlock Zimbabwe’s metal casting industry in the short, medium and long term plans formulated.

“Tool making and die casting, which are at the core of industry, enable us to make tools and parts for machines, once we build a strong capacity to make tools, machine components and spare parts, we can easily transition to the manufacture of whole machines,” Ncube said. “Once we move up that value chain and can build machines, we can easily transition further to make and build industrial manufacturing systems, so in my view, this is the right way to go.”

The Finance Minister also said such a strategy is consistent with the country’s re-industrialization thrust, which seeks to position Zimbabwe as a manufacturer capable of making intermediate goods in the form of machinery parts and components for neighboring countries, the region and beyond.


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